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Pawfit 2 Smarter Petcare review

Right where do I start.

First of all I need to let you know that this review is based on the Pawfit 2 being used on my cat as oppose to a dog.

I've used the pawfit 2 pet tracker for the last few months and i have to say that it is a good item of equipment to use, however i have come across at least 1 issue which i'll talk about later.

We got the tracker for our cat because when we first got her she liked to wonder and afte we first let her out she sped off and got lost.

Luckily she was picked up the following day. The rest they say is history.

This item does require a subscription, however doesn't require a sim card.

The good things about the tracker

  • Real time location tracking (location updates every 5 seconds in live tracking mode)

  • Light and sound tracking

  • Activity and health monitoring

  • Removal alert, safety zone alert and adverse temperature alert

  • Audio ID tag that uses the latest text-to-speech technology

  • Pawfit voice for training your pets

  • Fully waterproof up to 3 metres (IPX8)

  • Up to 6 days battery life

  • Embedded SIM with coverage in both Europe and North America

The Pawfit 2 is a real-time pet GPS location tracking device oversupplied with additional pet protection features including live activity tracking, fitness monitoring, safety alerts, and remote voice commandment. The product stands the test of time while also being tough, durable, and resistant to regular wear and tear.

Now as with all things these days the pawfit 2 has its own App.

The app is downloadable for free from both the apple and android stores.

The app it self allows for the following

Location Tracking.

You can track your pet from anywhere in the world. However the downside of this is that the GPS can be up to 200 metres out, which has caused me 1or 2 issues.

Activity Monitoring

Motivates you to move with your pets! Keep track of their activity trends and needs and reward them when they hit their customised activity goal

Historical Trips:

You can keep an eye on where your pet has been.

Smart Alerts:

Your app will send you notifications if your cat/ dog leaves their safety zone.

Audio ID:

If your cat/ dog gets lost and is found, the finder can press a button and find out where the cat/ dog lives.


You can use the app to sound an alarm on the device, which will help you determine the location of your cat/ dog.


As per the alarm can be used to locate your cat/ dog.

The only real downside to this device i found is the battery. The battery is suppose to last for 5 days, however for my piece of mind, i end up charging it up on a nightly basis.

What are the subscription rates?

The subscription price varies from £3.59 to £4.79 depending on the length of subscription period. 1 month: £4.79 per month 6 months: £3.99 per month 12 months: £3.59 per month

Check below for a special 2 free months subscription deal

Anyway I hope that you found this review useful and if you wish to purchase a device, you can use the link below.

Get 2 months free subscription:

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