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Save for Christmas 2024

Park has been helping families plan for their dream Christmas for over five decades. It's a family thing, as people from all walks of life rely on Park year after year to give them a magical Christmas. Follow these easy steps to have yourself a merry little Christmas…

Set your personal target

It's entirely up to you how much you pay towards Christmas each week or month. The amount that you select should be manageable, as you need to keep up with payments throughout the year - especially considering the cost of living situation. Park is meant to be a helping hand, not another financial burden, so keep that in mind when you set your personal target.

Choose what you'd like

You're spoiled for choice when it comes to the gift cards and vouchers you'll receive for people's presents. These can be spent at your favourite high street stores, supermarkets and online retailers - it's just up to you to choose.

Create your account and start your payments

Paying for your order is done whichever way works best. You can do it regularly weekly or monthly - or whenever suits you, as we know times are hard at the moment. There a ways to pay but paying by a monthly direct debit is easiest.

Can you believe that's it? Forget the hair-pulling stress of the past, you can now relax and enjoy the festive period with your loved ones, knowing it's all been paid for in advance.

Use to below link to get £10 welcome bonus.

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