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Receipts for cash back

Below are some of the best receipt scanners available in the uk.

1. Shopmium: Shopmium is a popular receipt snapping app in the UK that offers cashback and exclusive offers on grocery purchases. Simply take a photo of your receipt and submit it to earn cashback.

2. GreenJinn: GreenJinn is another UK-based app that provides cashback offers on groceries. You can earn money by taking photos of your receipts and redeeming the cashback offers available in the app.

3. CheckoutSmart: CheckoutSmart is a UK app that allows you to earn cashback on grocery purchases. Simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to earn cashback on qualifying items.

4. Quidco: Quidco is a cashback app that offers rewards for shopping, both online and in-store. They have a receipt scanning feature that lets you earn cashback on qualifying purchases.

5. Receipts by Vouchercodes: Receipts by Vouchercodes is a UK app that rewards you for snapping photos of your receipts. You can earn cashback on specific items or get personalized offers based on your shopping habits.

6. Store Rewards Storewards is an app that rewards you for scanning your receipts from any store. You earn tokens for each receipt, which can later be exchanged for PayPal cash, gift cards, or vouchers.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each app to understand how they work, the payout methods, and any additional requirements for earning rewards.

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