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Fit Bit Luxe pre order

As we ease out of lockdown and gyms begin to open, it is ideal time to get fit.

So what better way to get fit with the help of a exercise watch.

Now there are various different types of smart/ exercise watch available to buy, including the cheap versions.

However if your going to purchase one of these watches, why go cheap as in the long run you'll be disappointed with the performance and end up spending more when you have to replace or repair.

Now Fitbit are launching a brand new watch called the Fit Bit Luxe.

What is it I here you ask.....

Well here is all the info:

Reach your goals with the effortlessly chic Luxe

Get fashion on the outside and fitness on the inside with this slim tracker. A stylish bracelet design, on-wrist activity, sleep & stress tracking, plus in-app insights make Luxe a must-have wellness and wardrobe essential.

Check the below link to see what the watch can do.

If you like what you see, then you can pre-order below.


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