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Tesco to change how their club card works

So Tesco are changing how their club card works

The Tesco Clubcard app is set to close on April 18, 2023, with a brand new app replacing it.

The current app allows users to scan a digital version of their Clubcard in stores and keep track of their points and vouchers, but from April 18 Tesco Shoppers will no longer be able to use it.

While shoppers will continue to be able to scan their digital Clubcard in stores, the new Tesco grocery & Clubcard app will also allow shoppers to create shopping lists and collect Clubcard points and instantly turn them into vouchers.

Customers who download the new app will also reportedly receive digital coupons three times more often under the new system.

This will mean the store’s customers will be sent personalised, money-saving offers based on their repeat buys and purchase history every two weeks, rather than only eight times a year under the present approach.

Shoppers will still have access to their old points, coupons and vouchers on the new app, and for those who don’t download the new app, their points will be available on their online account.

However, customers are advised to download the new app now to avoid being caught out later.

It comes after the supermarket closed on 27 February its Pay+ app, which allowed shoppers to use their credit or debit card and then earn Clubcard points.

More than 20 million people in the UK hold a Tesco Clubcard, which allows shoppers to receive discounts on selected items as well as rack up points they can redeem later as vouchers for use in-store.

Customers can use their Clubcard vouchers on their weekly shop or fuel, treat themselves or use them towards 100 reward partners, including Pizza Express and Spa Seekers.

In December, Tesco announced that it was revising its Clubcard scheme to give out coupons to loyal shoppers more often.

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