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Asda shoppers can get money off their food shop with free app

As the price of a weekly food shop continues to rise, supermarket customers are looking for any way to save money, from opting for own brand products to cutting out luxuries in their trolley. But Asda have now rolled out a loyalty scheme that will reward customers with money off and exclusive discounts.

Asda Rewards has been trialled in different regions since October 2021, but this week, has been rolled out to all 633 stores across the UK, as well as online through for delivery and its Click and Collect service.

Shoppers can earn Asda Rewards every time they shop by scanning their app when they check out. Customers will then earn pounds, rather than points, building up a ‘Cashpot’ to spend in Asda stores or online. So far, Asda Rewards users have built up over £4m in their collective Cashpots.

There are three ways that shoppers can earn pounds, including by completing in-app missions, such as The ‘Back to School’ mission, where customers receive £5 into their Cashpots when they spend £25 on George school uniforms. There’s also a Fruit and Veg Bonus, where shoppers can buy any 10 fruit and veg and get £1.50 in their Cashpot.

There are over 400 ‘Star Products’ available across own brand and branded lines and are highlighted throughout the store. Customers will receive 10 per cent back into their Cashpot when they add any of these products to their basket.

Pounds in the Cashpot can be redeemed by creating a voucher in the app with the money saved which can be used for money off your next shop. For those customers shopping online, the Asda Rewards app will link up to their account, so earning the pounds will be automatic.

Mark Baxter, Senior Director for Loyalty at Asda, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be able to give all our customers access to Asda Rewards across the UK so they can start to earn Rewards & build their Cashpot. We know that times are tough for families right now, so it’s great to be able to reward them for simply shopping with us.”

Another way Asda is helping shoppers in the cost of living crisis is with their 'Just Essentials' range - the supermarket’s “largest ever budget-friendly range”comprising nearly 300 products including fresh fruits and vegetables, ready made meals, cupboard essentials and afternoon treats.

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